Academic Standing and Minimum Progress

The Navigator 2012-14

Full-time undergraduate students at UCSC are expected to enroll in and earn a grade of C or better (or P) in an average of 15 credits per quarter, completing the 180 credits needed for graduation in four years. Students are allowed to enroll for a maximum of 15 quarters (9 for transfer students) or equivalent. (Also see the section for adjustments for part-time students.)

Your college will regularly check to ensure that you are making (at least) minimum progress toward completing your degree and, at the end of each term, will determine whether you are in good academic standing. If you do not pass enough credits with a grade of C or better (or P), you may be placed on academic probation. If your academic standing or progress falls below minimally acceptable levels, you may be disqualified from further enrollment in the university.

Note:  The academic standing and minimum progress standards monitored by your college is not the same as the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Revised 01/04/18