Senior Residence Requirement

The Navigator 2012-14

This requirement is separate from the California residence requirement related to instate tuition. Every candidate for a bachelor’s degree must be registered at UCSC for a minimum of three terms. (A term is a fall, winter, or spring quarter in which a student completes six or more credits. Each UCSC Summer Session in which you complete at least two credits is the equivalent of half a term’s residence.) In addition, of the final 45 quarter credits, 35 must be regular courses of instruction that you have taken as a registered student at UCSC. Courses taken through University Extension or the Intercampus Visitor Program do not constitute regular courses and therefore do not satisfy residence requirements.

The credit requirement for residence is applied differently to students participating in the Education Abroad Program (EAP) and the University of California in Washington, D.C. (UCDC) Program. Students may satisfy the requirement in either of two ways. The first way is for students to complete 35 of their final 45 credits before leaving the Santa Cruz campus to participate in EAP or UCDC. In this scenario, students do not have to return to Santa Cruz for any additional course work after they have finished EAP or UCDC. The second way to fulfill the residence requirement is for students to complete 35 of their last 90 credits at the Santa Cruz campus with a minimum of 12 credits completed at UCSC after their return from EAP or UCDC.

Academic Senate regulation 10.1.3 contains the general policy on residency requirements.

Revised 9/17/12