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The general education requirements are designed to introduce you to various kinds of information, reasons for learning, and approaches to acquiring knowledge, as well as to promote responsible use of what is learned. Obviously, general education requirements alone cannot achieve these ends. You are urged to look for as many opportunities as possible to gain a richer understanding of your own cultural heritage and social situation; insight into countries, societies, and eras besides your own; proficiency in another language; understanding of the nature of ethical and moral choice; and expanded knowledge of science and technology. The formal requirements described here should be considered foundations for exploration.

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The general education requirements are meant to accomplish several goals:

  • Provide students with a base of knowledge and skills that future learning can build on.

  • Expose students to a broad range of disciplines and methodologies, to better prepare them for a world of complex problems and rapid changes.

  • Enhance the abilities of students to approach problems in appropriately analytical ways.

  • Prepare students to function as responsible and informed participants in civic life, considering pressing societal issues (such as the environment, the economy) productively and from a variety of perspectives.

Each area has a general education code associated with it, and only those courses carrying that code satisfy the requirement. The codes appear in the course descriptions in the General Catalog and in the “General Education” field on MyUCSC Class Search page. A list of courses that fulfill General Education requirements is in the navigation bar at the left. The list is subject to change. Students should check the Schedule of Classes each quarter for the most up-to-date information. Students entering using the new general education requirements should review the requirements for their proposed or declared major(s) to establish if some of their general education requirements will be fulfilled by completing their major. As a general rule, each course satisfies only one of the new general education requirements.

Bachelor’s Degree Work Sheet

You may download this worksheet.

This work sheet is useful as a checklist while you are completing courses toward your degree. You may have already satisfied some of these requirements before arriving at UCSC. Keep this page and update it throughout your academic career. Bring this along each time you visit your academic adviser. Do not confuse this with the Proposed Study Plan Declaration of Major/Minor (available at your college), which must be signed by your academic advisers and filed with your college before you register for your junior year. This is an informal work sheet for your own records.

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