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Choose one, 2-credit (minimum) course from this category or from PR-E or PR-C.

Service Learning (PR-S code) courses provide the opportunity for supervised campus or community service that contributes to a student’s overall education.

Service Learning courses provide students with an opportunity to integrate their academic coursework with community involvement. Such courses provide supervised learning experiences where students reflect on, communicate, and integrate principles and theories from the classroom in real-world settings. Students gain valuable practical skills while giving back to the community.

Biology: Ecology and Evolutionary

95. Seymour Center Docent Training

Biology: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental

191. ACE Program Service Learning

Carson College

55. Rachel Carson College: Service Learning Practicum

155. Rachel Carson College Sustainability Internship

162. Sustainability Internship Practicum.

Chemistry and Biochemistry

182. ACE Program Service Learning

College Ten

98. Alternative Spring Break

110. Service Learning Field Study (Esprit de Corps).

110B. Service Learning Field Study (Esprit de Corps)

115. Research Methods for Social Justice

Community Studies

191. Student Volunteer Internship.

198. Independent Field Study.

Cowell College

168. Social Change

184A. Leadership and Institution Building

184B. Leadership and Institution Building

184C. Leadership and Institution Building

Crown College

70L. Broadcast Production: Radio


193. Field Study.

193F. Field Study

198. Independent Field Study.

198F. Independent Field Study


50A. CAL Teach 1: Science and Mathematics

50B. CAL Teach 1: Mathematics

50C. CAL Teach 1: Science

180. Introduction to Teaching.

Environmental Studies

83. Environmental Studies Internship.

184. Environmental Studies Internship

History of Art and Visual Culture

193F. History of Art and Visual Culture Service Learning

Kresge College

12A. Service Learning.

12B. Service Learning

12C. Service Learning: Introduction to National Service/Introduction to Grant Writing.

62. Transformative Action.

63. Kresge Garden Cooperative

64. Tools for World Changers


191. Methodologies of Teaching.


188. Supervised Teaching.

189. ACE Program Service Learning

Merrill College

85B. Merrill Classroom Connection Field Study.

85C. Merrill Classroom Connection Field Study

90. Theory and Practice of Field Study.

90F. Merrill Field Study Practicum

Oakes College

73B. Oakes College Mentoring: Service Learning Practicum

76. Social Geography and Justice in Santa Cruz.

130. Writing Resistance: Creative Writing Workshop.

151B. Community Literacies Field Study.

152. Transformative Literacies.

153. Community Mapping.


136F. Applied Public Policy Internship


155. Social-Community Psychology in Practice.

193. Field Study.

193A. Developmental Field Study.

193B. Cognitive Field Study.

193C. Social Field Study.

193D. Clinical/Personality Field Study.

Writing Program

169. Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing.

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