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Choose one, 5-credit course or equivalent from this category or PE-E or PE-H.

Technology and Society (PE-T code) courses emphasize issues raised by the prevalence of technology in society.

The study of technology helps satisfy the need of society for knowledgeable people able to understand, par¬ticipate, and guide the rapid technological advances that play such a vital role in our world. Technology and Society courses focus on understanding technological advances, how they are developed, and their impacts on society.


80T. Digital Tools for Contemporary Art Practice.

Art and Design: Games and PlayableMedia

80H. History of Digital Games.

Biomolecular Engineering

5. Introduction to Biotechnology.

80G. Bioethics in the 21st Century: Science, Business, and Society.

80H. The Human Genome.

Carson College

151A. Sustainability Praxis in the Built Environment.

Computer Engineering

80A. Universal Access: Disability, Technology, and Society.

80E. Engineering Ethics.

80N. Introduction to Networking and the Internet.

Computer Science

2. Computer Literacy.

80J. Technology Targeted at Social Issues.

80S. From Software Innovation to Social Entrepreneurship.

119. Software for Society.

Cowell College

78. Children, Technology, and Development.

Crown College

80J. Cyborg Society: Myths, Realities, Choices.

Environmental Studies

176. Vulnerability, Complex Systems, and Disasters.

Feminist Studies

30. Feminism and Science.

124. Technology, Science, and Race Across the Americas.

133. Science and the Body.

Film and Digital Media

80T. Technothrillers.

80V. Video Games as Visual Culture.

136C. Visual Culture and Technology: History of New Media.

189. Advanced Topics in Digital and Electronic Media Studies.


60. Scientific Vocabulary and the Roots of the European Scientific Tradition.

110E. Rise of the Machines: Technology, Inequality, and the United States, 1877 to 1914.

History of Art and Visual Culture

49. From Memes to Metadata: an Introduction to Visual Culture.

140E. Art and Science in America: "Contact" to circa 1900.

141M. Contemporary Documentary Arts.

141N. Data Cultures: Art, Technology, and the Politics of Visual Representation.

143E. History of Design: The Objects of Technology, 1850-The Present.


80K. Topics in Medical Humanities.

126A. International Cyberpunk.


80C. History, Literature, and Technology of Electronic Music.


80G. Bioethics in the 21st Century: Science, Business, and Society


30A. Introduction to Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies.

115. Green Governance.

Stevenson College

90. The Nuclear Pacific.

Theater Arts

80T. Flashmob! Mass Performance in the Information Age

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