Perspectives: Environmental Awareness (PE-E code)

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Choose one, 5-credit course or equivalent from this category or PE-H or PE-T.

Environmental Awareness (PE-E) courses focus on humankind’s interactions with nature.

The interactions between people and the earth’s environments are subtle, complex, and influenced by a variety of natural, scientific, economic, cultural, and political factors. Courses satisfying the Environmental Awareness requirement teach students about the complexity of particular ecosystems and/or people’s interactions with nature so that they will better understand the environmental issues and trade-offs that are likely to arise in their lifetimes.


110E. Anthropology of Global Environmental Change.

110I. Cultures of Sustainability and Social Justice.

110W. Land and Waterscapes Entropology.

146. Anthropology and the Environment.

147. Anthropology and the Anthropocene.


80B. Environmental Art.

Biology:Ecology and Evolutionary

85. Natural History of the UCSC Natural Reserves.

125. Ecosystems of California.

College Ten

105. The Making and Influencing of Environmental Policy.

Community Studies

149. Political Economy of Food and Agriculture.

Crown College

80L. Food Safety and Environmental Quality: The Complexities of a Safe Salad.

Earth Sciences

1. Oceanography.

9. Earth History and Global Change.

106. Coasts in Crisis.

110A. Evolution of the Earth.

Electrical Engineering

80J. Renewable Energy Sources.

180J. Advanced Renewable Energy Sources.

Environmental Studies

25. Environmental Policy and Economics.

65. Introduction to Fresh Water: Processes and Policy.

80B. The Ecological Forecast for Global Warming.

125. Ecosystems of California.

146. Water Quality: Policy, Regulation, and Management.


177. Smoke, Smallpox, and the Sublime: Thinking about the Environment in the 19th Century.

History of Art and Visual Culture

44. Designing California: Architecture, Design, and Environment.

48. Climate Justice Now! Art, Activism, Environment Today.

116. African Architecture.

141P. Networks and Natures: Art, Technology, and the Nonhuman.

142. Contemporary Art and Ecology.

143G. After Utopia: Architecture and the City, 1968-Present.

Kresge College

161. Permaculture and Whole Systems Design.

Latin American and Latino Studies

80P. Environment and Society in Latin America.


167G. Reading the Weather: Literature and Global Climate Change.


80K. Sound in Art, Science, and the Environment.

Ocean Sciences

80B. Our Changing Planet.


2. Elementary Physics of Energy.


125. Society and Nature.

173. Water.

173X. Water and Sanitation Justice.

185. Environmental Inequality.

Technology and Information Management

155. Water and Energy Management.

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