Extension of Enrollment

The Navigator 2012-14

While most students complete degree requirements in four years, a student’s academic plan occasionally requires additional quarters of enrollment to complete requirements or meet special educational needs. You should meet with your college academic adviser as soon as you suspect you may need additional quarters of enrollment. You must complete your educational plan and degree requirements within 15 quarters (9 quarters for junior transfer students). Advance placement credit will not reduce the number of quarters that you are allowed.

Students who initially entered UCSC as frosh and who need more time to complete requirements are allowed a maximum of 225 credits and 15 quarters (five academic years) of enrollment. Students who began at UCSC as junior transfer students are allowed a maximum of 135 UCSC credits and 9 quarters (three academic years). Quarters of enrollment eligibility may be increased if students participate in the part-time program, or decreased if students transfer credits from another institution. If you have question about your enrollment eligibility, please contact your college academic advising office.

Revised 10/10/12