Undergraduate Majors

The Navigator 2012-16

The following is a list of current undergraduate major programs as listed in the General Catalog and the codes used to identify your major. Certain programs have special prerequisites which must be met before declaration of the major. Consult the General Catalog and the sponsoring agency for more information.

Code Description Degree(s)
UND Undeclared
UNON Non degree
ANTH Anthropology B.A.
APPH Applied Physics B.S.
ART Art B.A.
ARTG Art and Design: Games and Playable Media B.A.
ARTH See History of art and visual culture
BENG Bioengineering B.S.
BIOC Biochemistry and molecular biology B.S.
BINF Bioinformatics B.S.
BIOL Biology B.A./B.S.
BMEC Business management economics B.A.
CHEM Chemistry B.A./B.S.
CLST Classical studies B.A.
CMMU Community studies B.A.
CMPE Computer engineering B.S.
CMPS Computer science B.A./B.S.
CMPG Computer science: Computer game design B.S.
COGS Cognitive Science B.S.
CRES Critical Race and Ethnic Studies B.A.
EART Earth sciences B.S.
ECEV Ecology and evolution B.S.
ECON Economics B.A.
EE Electrical engineering B.S.
ENVS Environmental studies B.A.
FMST Feminist studies B.A.
FIDM Film and digital media B.A.
GMST German studies B.A.
GLEC Global economics B.A.
HBIO Human Biology B.S.
HIS History B.A.
HAVC History of art and visual culture B.A.
ITST Italian studies B.A.
JWST Jewish Studies B.A.
LANG Language studies B.A.
LALS Latin American and Latino studies B.A
LGST Legal studies B.A.
LING Linguistics B.A.
LIT Literature B.A.
MABI Marine biology B.S.
MATH Mathematics B.A.
MCDB Molecular, cell, and developmental biology B.S.
MUSC Music B.A./B.M.
NDT Network and digital technology B.A.
NBIO Neuroscience B.S.
PHIL Philosophy B.A.
PHYE Physics education B.S.
PHYS Physics B.S.
ASPH Physics (astrophysics) B.S.
PLNT Plant sciences B.S.
POLI Politics B.A.
PSYC Psychology B.A.
ROBO Robotics engineering B.S.
SOCI Sociology B.A.
SPST Spanish Studies B.A.
TIM Technology and information management B.S.
THEA Theater arts B.A.
Individual Majors
INCL College Eight B.A.
INNI College Nine B.A.
INTE College Ten B.A.
INCW Cowell B.A.
INCR Crown B.A.
INKR Kresge B.A.
INMR Merrill B.A.
INOA Oakes B.A.
INPR Porter B.A.
INST Stevenson B.A.
PRFM Pre-Film and digital media
Combined Majors
XESA Earth sciences/anthropology B.A.
XEBI Environmental studies/biology B.A.
XEEA Environmental studies/Earth sciences B.A.
XEEC Environmental studies/economics B.A.
XEMA Economics/mathematics B.A.
XLPT Latin American and Latino studies/politics B.A.
XLSY Latin American and Latino studies/sociology B.A.

Revised 09/27/16