Declaring Majors and Minors

The Navigator 2012-14

In addition to satisfying the other requirements for graduation, every undergraduate is required to complete a major program. At UCSC a student has the option of pursuing an established single or combined major, a double major, or an individually designed major. Students also have the option to declare a minor.

Declaring a Major

  • To apply to one or more major and/or minor programs, complete a Petition for Major/Minor Declaration.
  • Identify the advising processes required for the major you hope to pursue by consulting the program’s web site.  Some majors require students attend a group orientation, others require a meeting with a staff or faculty adviser.
  • Obtain the signature(s) as indicated on the petition for your intended major.
  • If your proposed program of study requires you to be enrolled longer than your Expected Graduation Term (EGT), you must return with a study plan to your college academic adviser for review.
  • File the completed petition at the department by the Declaration of Major deadline. This must be done in order for you to enroll the following quarter in courses restricted to majors.

Help in Choosing a Major

For assistance in choosing a major, make an appointment with a Career Adviser located at Career Center, 305 Bay Tree Building. College advisers are also resources.


Completion of a minor is optional, and you may complete more than one minor. The course requirements for a minor are established by the sponsoring department or program. The minor involves substantial work in the discipline and requires no fewer than 25 upper-division or graduate credits. The courses required for a minor follow the same pattern as those for the corresponding major, except the number of courses required is fewer and there is no comprehensive requirement. See the section Double Majors and Minors for information on double-counting upper-division courses.  Individual minor programs are not available. Consult the UCSC General Catalog and the department or program for specific information.

Formally declare the minor when you declare your major. The completion of a minor does not change the expectation that you finish your undergraduate work in 12 quarters and 180 credits. Once you have declared a minor, it must be either completed or deleted by the department prior to your graduation. The minor is recorded on your academic record. It does not appear on your diploma.

Academic Senate regulation 10.4.4 contains the policy on minors.

Revised 10/10/12