Student Identification Card

The Student ID Card (which carries the student’s picture, name, student ID number, college affiliation, validation sticker, and library bar code) is issued to new students free of charge. New students receive their validation sticker (if all fees have been paid) when they pick up their new card; continuing students, however, will receive validation stickers from their college office. The sticker is applied once you have paid fees and serves as proof that you are registered. The college will be able to issue a sticker the business day after you have paid your fees at the Cashier’s Office.

The validated ID card allows you access to various campus offices and services, including the library, health center, field house, dining halls, and all Santa Cruz County Metro buses. Presentation of your student card is required by the Office of the Registrar for access to records and services. If the magnetic stripe on your card does not appear to be functioning properly, please bring the card to ID Card Services to have it examined. For information on pricing and hours of service, visit The Bay Tree Bookstore ID Card Services.

Revised 01/31/22