Request for Waiver of Late Fee

UCSC Policy for Waiver of Late Fee

The Office of the Registrar assesses two different late fees each quarter:

  • A $50 late registration fee is assessed if your registration fees are received by the cashier after the deadline; your check is returned by the bank or otherwise nonnegotiable, (e.g., not signed; or payment is insufficient to pay the total amount due).
  • A $50 late enrollment fee is assessed if you are not enrolled in at least one class by the Enrollment Deadline.

Students are assessed a total of $100 in late fees if both fee payment and enrollment occur after this date.

The Office of the Registrar waives a late fee for Undergraduate Students only when lateness is a result of circumstances that are beyond the student's control, (e.g., sudden and debilitating circumstance, illness or accident, or death in the family), or due to administrative error which the staff member responsible should contact the Office of the Registrar.

Graduate Students should contact the Division of Graduate Studies and should not complete this form. 

Undergraduate Students should use this form to petition for waiver of the $50.00
Late Payment of Registration Fee or Late Enrollment Fee.

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Revised: 05/03/21