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The Humanities Division offers a broad range of courses and programs that investigate and interpret the human experience. For current information, see

The following undergraduate majors are offered: applied linguistics and multilingualism, classical studies, critical race and ethnic studies, feminist studies, history, Italian studies, Jewish studies, language studies, linguistics, literature, philosophy, and Spanish studies. In addition, there are minors in classical studies, East Asian studies, history of consciousness, history, Italian studies, Jewish studies, language studies, linguistics, literature, and philosophy.

At the graduate level, the Ph.D. is offered by programs in feminist studies, history, history of consciousness, linguistics, literature, and philosophy. Master's (M.A.) programs include history, linguistics, literature, and philosophy.

The Writing Program offers courses and assessments related to university and campus writing requirements and coordinates with the undergraduate colleges in delivering the college core curriculum.

The Institute for Humanities Research is a laboratory for theorizing and implementing new visions of the humanities, working closely with faculty and students to develop a remarkable range of projects and grants, public events, and university programs highlighting the crucial importance of the humanities to understanding our world and its challenges. For more information, see the Institute for Humanities Research website.

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Revised: 07/15/18