Sustainability Studies

2018-19 General Catalog

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Program Statement 

Affiliated Faculty and Professional Interests

Tamara Ball, Project Scientist, Electrical Engineering

Kevin Bell, Lecturer, Rachel Carson College
Energy policy, electrical utilities and power systems, public policy, regulation

Elliot Campbell, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies
Environmental engineering, renewable energy, climate change, hydrology, food & nutrition, GIS

Sue A. Carter, Professor of Physics
Experimental condensed matter physics, polymer physics, molecular electronics, phase transitions, electronic and optical properties of materials

Patrick Y. Chuang, Professor of Earth and Planetary Science
Clouds, aerosols and climate

Ben Crow, Professor of Sociology
International development, sociology of water and markets, global inequality, South Asia and East Africa, political economy, and green enterprise

T.J. Demos, Professor of History of Art and Visual Culture, and Director, Center for Creative Ecologies
Contemporary art and visual culture, investigating in particular the diverse ways that artists and activists have negotiated crises associated with globalization, including the emerging conjunction of post-9/11 political sovereignty and statelessness, the hauntings of the colonial past, and the growing biopolitical conflicts around ecology and climate change

Andrew Fisher, Professor of Earth & Planetary Science
Hydrogeology, crustal studies, coupled flows, modeling

Laurel Fox, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Terrestrial population and community ecology, plant-animal interactions

Julie Guthman, Professor of Social Sciences
Sustainable agriculture and alternative food movements, international political economy of food and agriculture, politics of obesity, political ecology, race and food, epigenetics and environmental health, critical human geography

Sikina Jinnah, Associate Professor of Politics
Global governance, environmental politics, trade/environment politics, climate change, biodiversity, climate engineering, international cooperation

Ronnie D. Lipschutz, Professor of Politics and Program Director (on leave 2018-19)
International relations; global political economy; globalization; foreign policy; resource/environmental politics; global political networks; global civil society and social movements; popular culture and politics; technology and society; risk society, state transformation and global governmentality

Katie Monsen, Lecturer in Environmental Studies and Electrical Engineering
sustainable agroecosystems, nutrient dynamics, and freshwater ecology, sustainability engineering

Ingrid Parker, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Plant ecology, plant-pathogen interactions, biological invasions  

Daniel Press, Professor of Environmental Studies
U.S. environmental politics and policy, water quality, industrial ecology, resources management, policy analysis

Thomas Rettenwender, Lecturer, Rachel Carson College
LEED AP, architect, sustainable design

Elizabeth Stephens, Professor of Art
Intermedia, electronic art, sculpture, and performance art

Andrew Szasz, Professor of Environmental Studies
environmental sociology, environmental movements, policy, environmental justice, sociological theory

Susan Watrous, Lecturer, Rachel Carson College/Kresge  College
Print adviser, student media

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