2018-19 General Catalog

Cowell College
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Faculty and Professional Interests


W. Emmanuel Abraham, Emeritus

Robert A. Goff, Emeritus

Jorge Hankamer
Syntax, morphology, computational linguistics, Turkish

David C. Hoy, Distinguished Professor, Emeritus

Richard E. Otte, Emeritus

Paul A. Roth, Distinguished Professor
Philosophy of social science, Quine, philosophy of history, philosophy and sociology of science, epistemology, history of analytic philosophy

Ellen Kappy Suckiel, Emerita

Richard A. Wasserstrom, Emeritus

Associate Professor

John F. Bowin
Ancient philosophy, especially ancient science and metaphysics, and contemporary analytic metaphysics

Jonathan Ellis
Philosophy of mind, epistemology, philosophy of psychology, philosophy of language, Wittgenstein

Daniel Guevara
Kant, moral philosophy, moral psychology, environmental ethics, history of modern philosophy, Wittgenstein

Nico Orlandi
Philosophy of mind, philosophical psychology, epistemology, philosophy of cognitive science

Abraham D. Stone
Nineteenth- and early 20th-century German philosophy (continental and analytic), philosophy of science and mathematics, medieval philosophy, metaphysics, Kant

Rasmus G. Winther
Philosophy of science, philosophy of biology, philosophy of mind, pragmatism, Latin American philosophy, continental philosophy, philosophy of multiculturalism, feminism, ontology, evolutionary theory , cognitive science

Assistant Professor

Janette Dinishak
Philosophy and history of psychiatry and psychology, Wittgenstein, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, disability studies, ethical theory


Kyle Robertson
Ethics, applied ethics, philosophy of law, logic, ancient ethics

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Karen M. Barad (Feminist Studies)
Feminist science studies, materialism, deconstruction, poststructuralism, posthumanism, multi-species studies, science and justice, physics, 20th-century continental philosophy, epistemology, ontology, ethics, philosophy of physics, feminist, queer, and trans theories

Jerome Neu, Emeritus (Humanities)

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