Feminist Studies

2018-19 General Catalog

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Faculty and Professional Interests

Neel Ahuja, Associate Professor of Feminist Studies
Postcolonial feminist science studies, critical race theory, Asian American transnationalism, disability, species, environment

Bettina Aptheker, Emerita, Professor of Feminist Studies and History
Feminist oral history and memoir; feminist pedagogy; African American feminist history; queer studies; feminist Jewish studies; feminist critical race studies

Anjali Arondekar, Associate Professor of Feminist Studies
South Asian studies, colonial historiography; feminist theories; queer theory; critical race studies; 19th-century interdisciplinary studies

Neda Atanasoski, Professor of Feminist Studies
Race and technology; cultural studies; critical race and ethnic studies; postsocialism; human rights and humanitarianism; war and nationalism; religion and secularism

Karen Barad, Professor of Feminist Studies, History of Consciousness, and Philosophy
Feminist science studies, materialism, deconstruction, poststructuralism, posthumanism, multi-species studies, science and justice, physics, 20th-century continental philosophy, epistemology, ontology, ethics, philosophy of physics, feminist, queer, and trans theories

Gina Dent, Associate Professor of Feminist Studies, History of Consciousness, and Legal Studies
Africana literary and cultural studies, legal theory, popular culture

Margaret M. Downes-Baskin, Research Associate in Feminist Studies
Presidential leadership styles, elections and the media, women's political and corporate leadership style, intergenerational relations

Nick Mitchell, Assistant Professor of Feminist Studies
Black feminist thought and praxis; critical theory; critical university studies; epistemology and discipline formation; feminist theory; intellectual history

Madhavi Murty, Assistant Professor of Feminist Studies
Post-reform India and political economy, neoliberalism and nationalism, popular culture in South Asia, media studies, cultural studies, Black cultural studies and transnational race

Marcia Ochoa, Associate Professor of Feminist Studies
Gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, Latina/o studies, media and cultural studies, ethnography of media, feminism, queer theory, geography, multimedia production, graphic design, colonialism and modernity, Latin American studies—Colombia and Venezuela, social documentation

Felicity Amaya Schaeffer, Associate Professor of Feminist Studies
Transnational feminisms; sexuality and migration, technology, and race; intimacy and globalization; Latin American/Latino studies; border studies; Chicana/o studies; biometrics and security studies

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Angela Y. Davis, Emerita, Professor of History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies
Feminism, African American studies, critical theory, popular music culture and social consciousness, philosophy of punishment (women's jails and prisons)

Rosa Linda Fregoso, Professor Emerita of Latin American and Latino Studies

Jody Greene, Professor of Literature
Seventeenth- and 18th-century British literature and culture; pre- and early modern studies; critical theory, especially Derrida; poststructuralism and ethics; gender studies; history of authorship; history of the book; human property

Donna J. Haraway, Emerita, Professor of History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies
Feminist theory, cultural and historical studies of science and technology, relation of life and human sciences, human-animal relations, and animal studies

Helene Moglen, Emerita, Professor of Literature
The English novel; feminist, critical, cultural, and psychoanalytic theory; gender and genre in social and psychological contexts

Affiliated Faculty

Gabriela Arredondo, Associate Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies
U.S. social and cultural history; Chicana/o history; critical race and ethnicity theories; im/migration history; Latina/os in the U.S.; Chicana feminisms; "borderlands" studies, modern Mexico history

Lora Bartlett, Associate Professor of Education
Educational policy and school reform, schools as workplaces for teachers, the conditions of teachers' commitment

Karen Bassi, Professor of Classics (Literature)
Greek and Latin literatures; gender; literary and cultural theory; pre- and early modern studies; tragedy;historiography; visual and performance studies; death studies

Julie Bettie, Associate Professor of Sociology
Cultural theory and popular culture; race, gender, class, and cultural politics; sexuality and sex work; critical qualitative methodologies

Heather Bullock, Professor of Psychology
Social class, poverty and economic inequality, welfare policy, feminist psychology, discrimination

Julianne Burton-Carvajal, Emerita, Professor of Literature
American visual media, particularly film; melodrama as a transnational form; gender and authorship; history, cultures, and representations of California, particularly the Central Coast

Nancy N. Chen, Professor of Anthropology
Medical anthropology, food and nutrition, mental health, global health, visual anthropology, Asian American film and identity, China

Vilashini Cooppan, Associate Professor of Literature
Postcolonial studies, comparative and world literature, literatures of slavery and diaspora, globalization studies, cultural theory of race and ethnicity

Faye J. Crosby, Professor of Psychology
Gender; social identity; and social justice, especially affirmative action

Cynthia Cruz, Assistant Professor of Education
Street ethnography; community-based learning and pedagogies; decolonial feminist pedagogies; Chicana studies and epistemologies; U.S.-Third World Feminisms; cultural studies and education

Teresa de Lauretis, Emerita, Professor of History of Consciousness
Semiotics, psychoanalysis, feminism, film theory, literary theory, queer studies

Sylvanna Falcón, Assistant Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies
Human rights, racism/antiracism, globalization, gender, transnational feminism, Latin America (Mexico, Peru), United States

Mayanthi Fernando, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Religion and secularism; anthropology of Islam; gender and sexuality; human/nonhuman relations; multiculturalism/pluralism; modernity and its "Others"; ethnography and ethics; colonial and post-colonial France/Europe; theory and methods in the study of religion

Dana Frank, Professor of History
Late 19th- and 20th-century U.S. social history, including women's, labor, and working-class history, race and ethnicity; modern Honduras; U.S. history in transnational perspective

Carla Freccero, Professor and Chair of Literature, History of Consciousness; Professor of Feminist Studies
Renaissance studies; French and Italian language and literature; early modern studies; postcolonial theories and literature; contemporary feminist theories and politics; queer theory; U.S. popular culture; posthumanism; animal studies

Pascale Gaitet, Emerita, Professor of Literature and Language Studies
Nineteenth- and 20th-century French literature, sociolinguistics, political history, Celine, Genet

Mary-Kay Gamel, Emerita, Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature
Performance studies, ancient Mediterranean performance, Greek and Latin literatures, myth, reception of Greek and Roman texts and artifacts, film, feminist approaches to literature and performance

Diane Gifford-Gonzalez, Professor of Anthropology
Paleolithic and Neolithic Africa and Eurasia, colonial New Mexico, origins of food production, pastoralists, zooarchaeology, history of archaeology, interpretive theory, visual anthropology

Susan Gillman, Professor of American Literature
Transnational American studies; literatures of the 19th-century Americas; critical race studies; translation theory; comparative history of slavery and emancipation; world literature and cultural studies

Jennifer A. González, Professor of History of Art and Visual Culture
Contemporary theories of visual culture, semiotics, critical museum studies, photography, public and activist art in the U.S.

June Gordon, Professor of Education
Urban education; international comparative education; the impact of economics, culture and politics on educational attitudes and expectations of immigrants; marginalized youth; schooling and society in Japan, China, India, the U.K., and the U.S.A.; sociology of education

Deborah Gould, Associate Professor of Sociology
Political emotion; social movements and contentious politics; classic and contemporary social theory; sexualities; lesbian/gay/queer studies; feminist and queer theory

Shelly A. Grabe, Associate Professor of Psychology
Cultural objectification of women and women’s bodies as a pervasive global phenomenon played out in different ways across different cultures; how “embodied oppression” affects women’s psychological well-being and empowerment

Herman Gray, Professor Emeritus of Sociology
Cultural studies, media and television studies, black cultural politics, social theory

Irene Gustafson, Associate Professor of Film and Digital Media
Documentary theory and practice, experimental film/video, gender and queer studies, animal studies

Julie Guthman, Professor of Community Studies
Sustainable agriculture and alternative food movements, international political economy of food and agriculture, politics of obesity, political ecology, race and food, critical human geography

Lisbeth Haas, Professor of Feminist Studies, and Professor of History
U.S.-Mexico borderlands and border studies; Chicano and Native American history; visual culture in the colonial Americas; California; historical memory, theory, and historical methodology

Margo Hendricks, Emerita, Professor of Literature
Early modern English literature and culture; theories and discourses of race, gender, drama, and theory; women playwrights; pre- and early modern studies

Gail B. Hershatter, Professor of History
Modern Chinese social and cultural history; labor history; gender history; history of sexuality; feminist theory; history, memory, and nostalgia

Emily Honig, Professor of History
Gender, sexuality, and ethnicity in modern Chinese history; comparative labor history; Chicana history, nationalism, and sexuality in the Third World; oral history

Akasha Hull, Emerita, Professor of Feminist Studies and Literature

Donna Hunter, Associate Professor Emerita of History of Art and Visual Culture
European painting (especially French) from 1600 to the 1960s; German art and visual culture between the two world wars; art as social practice, portraiture

Aida Hurtado, Professor of Psychology
Social identity, feminist theory, social psychology of education, survey methodology

Stacy Kamehiro, Associate Professor of History of Art and Visual Culture
Visual cultures of the Pacific, 19th-century Hawai'i, (inter)nationalism, culture contact; (post)colonialism

L. S. Kim, Associate Professor of Film and Digital Media
Television history and theory, racial discourse, feminist criticism, Asian-American media production, industrial practices and social change in both mainstream Hollywood and alternative media

Norma Klahn, Emerita, Professor of Literature
Latin American literary and cultural studies (specialization: Mexico); Chicano/Latino literature and culture from a cross-border perspective; modernity/postmodernity; poetics and politics; genre theory (novel, poetry, autobiography); critical theory (i.e., border, ethnic, feminist, transnational/global)

Campbell Leaper, Professor of Psychology
The developmental and social psychology of gender in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood; specific interests include gender-related variations in the following: self-concept and social identity; intersectionality; language and social interaction; social relationships, academic achievement (including STEM); the media; awareness and consequences of sexism

Peter Limbrick, Associate Professor of Film and Digital Media
International cinemas, especially Arab and Middle Eastern cinemas and Australasian cinemas; postcolonial theories and settler colonialism; theories of globalization and transnationalism; intersections of race, gender, and sexuality; queer theory; film and video history and historiography

Jennie Lind McDade, Professor of Art
Drawing, painting

Carolyn Martin Shaw, Emerita, Professor of Anthropology
African societies, colonial discourse, social theory, anthropology of women, sexuality

Lourdes Martínez-Echazábal, Emerita, Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies
Latin American and Caribbean literatures; Afro-Latin American literatures, cultures, and societies; found[n]ational narratives; Brazilian literature; literatures of Cuba and the Cuban diaspora; critical race theory

Tanya Merchant, Associate Professor of Music
Ethnomusicology, musics of Central Asia and the former Soviet Union, music and gender, identity, nationalism, globalization, and the institutionalization of music

Leta E. Miller, Professor of Music
Renaissance and baroque music history and performance practices, 20th-century American music, modern and baroque flute, 16th-century chanson and madrigal, music and science, 18th- and 20th-century flute literature and performance styles, music of C.P.E. Bach and Lou Harrison

Megan Moodie, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
South Asian studies, feminist theory, reproductive and population politics, kinship, development, legal identities, tribal communities

Margaret Morse, Emerita, Professor of Film and Digital Media
Digital and electronic media theory and criticism, media art, media history, technology and culture, film history and theory, German cinema, documentary and science fiction

Catherine Ramirez, Associate Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies
United States cultural history, with a focus on immigration and assimilation; theories of citizenship; Latino literature; comparative ethnic studies; feminist and gender studies; cultural studies

Jennifer E. Reardon, Professor of Sociology
Issues of social identity as influenced by the new sciences of genetics and genomics; intersection of the sociology of science and knowledge and the sociology of race, gender, and class

B. Ruby Rich, Professor of Social Documentation and Film and Digital Media
Documentary film and video, post-9/11 culture, new queer cinema, feminist film history, Latin American and Latin/a cinema, U.S. independent film and video, the essay film, the politics of film festival proliferation and the marketing of foreign films in the U.S.

Cecilia Rivas, Associate Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies
Transnationalism; media and communication (Internet, newspapers); migration; globalization; race, ethnicity, and gender; bilingualism; consumption; El Salvador, Central America, Southern Mexico

Pamela Ann Roby, Emerita, Professor of Sociology
Sociology of learning, women and work, leadership and social change, sociology of emotions, feminist research, inequality and social policy

Lisa Rofel, Emerita, Professor of Anthropology
Critical theory, emerging worlds, anthropology of modernity, popular/public culture, gender and sexuality, queer theory, transnational capitalism, postcolonial and transnational feminism, histories of empires, settler colonialisms, post-socialist China

Vanita Seth, Associate Professor of Politics
Early modern and modern political theory, feminist theory, cultural history, race politics, postcolonial theory

Deanna Shemek, Professor of Literature
Renaissance Italian literature and culture; early modern feminism; humanism; letter-writing and epistolary culture; early modern literacy and media; Renaissance theater; the northern court circles; digital humanities

Mary W. Silver, Emerita, Professor of Ocean Sciences

Shelley Stamp, Professor of Film and Digital Media
Film history, theory, and criticism; silent cinema; early Hollywood; women's filmmaking; film censorship; histories of moviegoing; feminist approaches to cinema

Elizabeth Stephens, Professor of Art
Performance art, film, environmental art, writing

Nancy Stoller, Emerita, Professor of Community Studies
Race and gender aspects of health, the AIDS epidemic, community organizing, sexualities, and medicine in prisons

Avril Thorne, Professor of Psychology
Identity development through personal memory telling, development of meaning in adolescents' self-defining memory narratives, family storytelling and the development of a sense of self, narrative co-construction of identity and intimacy

Nina K. Treadwell, Professor of Music
Renaissance through early baroque music history and performance practices, early plucked-string instruments (theorbo, renaissance, and baroque guitar; renaissance lute), 16th- and 17th-century Italian theatrical music, gender studies, women and music, literary and critical theory

Anna Tsing, Professor of Anthropology
Culture and politics; feminist theory; globalization; multi-species anthropology; social landscapes and tropical forest ethnoecologies; multi-sited ethnography; Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and the U.S.

Candace West, Professor of Sociology
Language and social interaction, sociology of gender, conversation analysis, microanalysis and medicine

Marilyn J. Westerkamp, Professor of History
Colonial and revolutionary America; the Atlantic World; early modern cultural and religious history; U.S. religious history; gender studies; history of the body

Rob Wilson, Professor of Literature
Transnational and postcolonial literatures, especially as framed in Asia/Pacific, Pacific Rim, and Oceania; conversion as such; cultural emergences against empires of globalization, U.S.. and otherwise; cultural poetics across Pacific and Oceania; sublime aesthetics and politics, Longinus to Hiroshima; poetics of experimental writing, especially modern and contemporary poetry; San Francisco as global, oceanic, transpacific and organic city; worlding within and against the Anthropocene

Alice Yang, Associate Professor of History
Historical memory, Asian American history, gender history, race and ethnicity, 20th-century U.S., oral history

Eileen Zurbriggen, Professor of Psychology
Connections between power and sex; trauma, sexual aggression and sexual abuse; gender roles and violence; sexuality and media; the sexualization of girls and women; power in romantic relationships; adolescent sexual development; objectification and dehumanization; authoritarianism; privacy and surveillance; feminist political psychology

Revised: 07/15/18