Environmental Sciences

2018-19 General Catalog

A232 Earth and Marine Sciences Building
(831) 459-4089

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Faculty, Researchers, and Professional Interests

Gretchen Andreasen, CalTeach Director (Education)
Science education, paleoceanography, Earth system science

Patrick Y. Chuang, Professor, (Earth and Planetary Sciences)
Clouds, aerosols and climate

Christopher A. Edwards, Professor (Ocean Sciences)
Physical oceanography, numerical modeling of coastal physical and biological processes, data assimilation

Nicole Feldl, Assistant Professor (Earth and Planetary Sciences)
Atmospheric science, meteorology, climate change

Noah J. Finnegan, Associate Professor (Earth and Planetary Sciences)
Geomorphology, active tectonics

Andrew T. Fisher, Professor (Earth and Planetary Sciences)
Hydrogeology, crustal studies, coupled flows, modeling

Mathis Hain, Assistant Professor (Earth and Planetary Sciences)
Biochemistry; relationships between the marine cycling of nutrients, the global carbon cycle, and ocean circulation

Raphael M. Kudela, Professor (Ocean Sciences)
Biological oceanography, ecological modeling, ocean optics, phytoplankton ecology and harmful algal blooms

Phoebe Lam, Associate Professor (Ocean Sciences)
Particle geochemistry, biological carbon pump, cycling of trace elements and isotopes, chemical oceanography

Carl Lamborg, Assistant Professor (Ocean Sciences)
Trace metal (esp. mercury) biogeochemistry, historical reconstructions of environmental chemistry using natural archives, aquatic chemistry

Matthew D. McCarthy, Professor (Ocean Sciences)
Marine organic geochemistry and chemical oceanography, global biogeochemical cycles, compound-specific stable isotopes and radiocarbon

Andrew M. Moore, Professor (Ocean Sciences)
Physical oceanography; numerical ocean modeling; air-interaction; ocean prediction

Christina Ravelo, Professor (Ocean Sciences)
Stable isotope geochemistry and chemical oceanography, paleoclimatology

Marilou Sison-Mangus, Assistant Professor (Ocean Sciences)
Microbial ecology, evolutionary biology, microbiome-host interactions, biological oceanography

Slawek M. Tulaczyk, Professor (Earth and Planetary Sciences)
Glaciology and glacial geology, soil mechanics

James C. Zachos, Professor (Earth and Planetary Sciences)
Aquatic microbial ecology, biological oceanography

Jonathan P. Zehr, Professor (Ocean Sciences)
Aquatic microbial ecology, biological oceanography

Xi Zhang, Assistant Professor (Earth and Planetary Sciences)
Planetary atmospheres, atmospheric chemistry

Margaret Zimmer, Assistant Professor (Earth and Planetary Sciences)
Quantitative hydrology, stream-groundwater interactions and watershed hydrology

Revised: 07/15/18