Coastal Science and Policy

2018-19 General Catalog

Coastal Science and Policy Program
251 Ocean Health Building

Program Statement | Course Descriptions

Faculty and Professional Interests

Core Faculty


Mark Carr
Marine conservation and ecology, marine and coastal conservation policy

Donald Croll
Marine conservation biology, marine vertebrate ecology

Daniel Press
Environmental policy and regulation, sustainable food systems

Pete Raimondi
Design of conservation and restoration projects, marine ecology, experimental design and statistics

Erika Zavaleta
Conservation biology, global change effects on ecosystems, climate change adaptation

Associate Professor

Elliot Campbell
Policy and governance, Earth sciences, agroecology, global biogeochemical cycles

Assistant Professor

Anne Kapuscinski
Sustainability science and policy

Kristy Kroeker
Climate change ecology, coastal management and policy 

Kathy Seto
Policy and governance

Jeremy West
Public policy and environmental sustainability

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Suzanne Alonzo (Ecology and Evolutionare Biology)
Ecological modeling and statistics, behavioral ecology, resource management

Jeff Bury (Environmental Studies)
Natural and social system transformation, political economy of climate change

Daniel Costa (Ecology and Evolutionare Biology)
Physiological ecology, ecosystem-based management

Lindsey Dillon (Sociology)
Urban environments and social justice

Christopher A. Edwards (Ocean Sciences)
Ocean modeling, ecosystem processes, marine population connectivity

James Estes (Ecology and Evolutionare Biology)
Marine ecology, food web ecology, marine conservation and management

Andrew T. Fisher (Earth and Planetary Sciences)
Earth and ocean sciences, hydrogeology, managed aquifer recharge systems

Greg Gilbert (Environmental Studies)
Applied evolutionary ecology: species interactions and conservation in tropical and temperate ecosystems

David Gordon (Politics)
Social sciences, global coordination, non-traditional modes of collective action, governance outcomes

Gary Griggs (Earth and Planetary Sciences)
Coastal geology, shoreline and beach dynamics

Karen Holl (Environmental Studies)
Restoration ecology, design of coastal habitat and international forest restoration, landscape ecology

Sikina Jinnah (Politics)
Policy and governance, environmental governance, climate engineering governance

Marm Kilpatrick (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Disease ecology, population biology, conservation biology, mathematical ecology

Paul Koch (Earth and Planetary Sciences)
Stable isotope biogeochemistry, climate change

Raphael Kudela (Ocean Sciences)
Earth and ocean sciences, nutrient loading, harmful algae, water quality

Eric Palkovacs (Ecology and Evolutionare Biology)
Conservation biology, freshwater ecology, invasion biology

Ingrid Parker (Ecology and Evolutionare Biology)
Basic and applied  evolutionary ecology of plant-insect mutualisms and plant-pathogen interactions

Adina Payton (Earth and Planetary Sciences, Ocean Sciences)
Earth sciences, biogeochemistry, chemical oceanography, paleoceanography

Chris Wilmers (Environmental Studies)
Population and community ecology, wildlife conservation, ecological modeling, marine-terrestrial food webs


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Revised: 07/15/18