Community Studies

2018-19 General Catalog

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Faculty and Professional Interests


William H. Friedland, Emeritus

Nancy Stoller, Emerita

David T. Wellman, Emeritus

Carter Wilson, Emeritus

Deborah A. Woo, Emerita


Leslie Lopez
Political economy of education and cultural production, social movements in Latin America/U.S., journalism and oral history, literacy and language, immigration, youth

Andrea Steiner
Health policy, critical public health, social gerontology, ageism, women’s health activism, numeracy education in social justice

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David Brundage (History)
American immigration history, with particular focus on the Irish in America and on transnational immigrant politics; U.S. labor and social history; modern Irish history

Heather E. Bullock (Psychology)
Poverty and economic inequality, welfare policy, feminist psychology, intersections of classism, racism, and sexism

Nancy N. Chen (Anthropology)
Medical anthropology, visual anthropology, urban anthropology, Asian American identity, mental health, food, China

T.J. Demos (History of Art and Visual Culture)
Contemporary art and visual culture, investigating in particular the diverse ways that artists and activists have negotiated crises associated with globalization, including the emerging conjunction of post-9/11 political sovereignty and statelessness, the hauntings of the colonial past, and the growing biopolitical conflicts around ecology and climate change

Dana Frank (History)
Late 19th- and 20th-century U.S. social history, including women's, labor, and working-class history, race and ethnicity; modern Honduras; U.S. history in transnational perspective

Hiroshi Fukurai (Sociology)
Citizen participation in the justice system, international law, race and inequality, East Asian law and politics, military and justice, and advanced quantitative methods

Julie Guthman (Social Sciences)
Sustainable agriculture and alternative food movements, international political economy of food and agriculture, politics of obesity, political ecology, race and food, critical human geography

Craig W. Haney (Psychology)
Applications of social psychological principles to legal settings, assessment of the psychological effects of living and working in institutional environments, social contextual origins of violence, development of alternative legal and institutional forms

David E. Kaun, Emeritus

Regina D. Langhout (Psychology)
School-community-university collaboration; how schooling and neighborhood experiences are informed by social class, race, and gender; young people and empowerment; participatory action research

Craig Reinarman, Emeritus (Sociology)

Patricia Zavella, Emerita (Latin American and Latino Studies)

Associate Professor

Eva Bertram, (Politics)
American politics, public policy, political economy, and political history, including social policy and the welfare state , and the changing character of work and labor markets in the United States

Cynthia Cruz (Education)
Critical ethnography; community-based learning; decolonial pedagogies; foundations of education; LGBTQ street youth; women of color thought; cultural studies and education; and technology and digital practices of homeless youth

Miriam Greenberg (Sociology)
Urban sociology, media studies, cultural studies, political economy, globalization, and urban political ecology

Steven McKay (Sociology)
Work and labor markets; globalization and social change; political sociology; race; masculinity; migration; ethnography/qualitative methods

Mary Beth Pudup (Social Sciences)
Urban and regional political economy, historical geography of the U.S., public policy, community gardening and urban agriculture, non-profit sector

Catherine Ramirez (Latin American and Latino Studies)
United States cultural history, with a focus on immigration and assimilation; theories of citizenship; Latino literature; comparative ethnic studies; feminist and gender studies; cultural studies and the study of visual culture

Jessica K. Taft (Latin American and Latino Studies)
Youth activism; childhood and youth studies; social movements; participatory democracy; girls studies; Latin American radicalisms; feminist theory; qualitative and participatory research methods

Veronica Terriquez (Sociology)
Immigrant incorporation, civic engagement, social inequality, Latinos in the U.S., youth transitions to adulthood, quantitative methods, mixed methods

Assistant Professor

James Battle (Sociology)
Anthropologies and technologies of science and medicine; biological, pharmaceutical, and technological citizenship; racial classification, bioethics, and health disparities; history of social medicine; risk, translation, and uncertainty

Rebecca Covarrubias (Psychology)
Culture, self, and identity; social representations of race, gender, and social class in educational/health contexts; student performance, belonging, and well-being; community and school interventions

Lindsey Dillon (Sociology)
Urban geography, critical race theory, political ecology, environmental justice, feminist approaches to science and technology studies

Madeleine Fairbairn (Environmental Studies)
Environmental sociology, sociology of agriculture, property ownership and land tenure, food politics and social movements, political ecology



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