Applied Linguistics and Multilingualism

2018-19 General Catalog

218 Cowell College
(831) 459-2054

Program Statement

Faculty and Professional Interests


Zsuzsanna Abrams
Applied linguistics, language pedagogy, second language acquisition, intercultural communication, discourse analysis, computer-mediated communication

Shigeko Okamoto
Sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, pragmatics, language and gender, foreign language pedagogy, Japanese linguistics

Eve Zyzik
Second language acquisition, heritage languages, Spanish linguistics, cognitive and usage-based theory, language pedagogy, content-based instruction

Associate Professor

Mark Amengual
Bilingualism, acoustic phonetics, psycholinguistics, second language acquisition, Spanish and Romance linguistics

Bryan Donaldson
Word order variation in second-language French, medieval French and medieval Occitan through the lens of information structure, discourse analysis, and sociolinguistics

Assistant Professor

Donald P. Miller
Corpus linguistics, L2 academic literacy—particularly academic vocabulary—development, corpus-informed EAP materials and curriculum development and pedagogy

Revised: 07/15/18