2018-19 General Catalog

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Faculty and Professional Interests


Donald Brenneis
Linguistic anthropology, folklore, legal anthropology, ethnomusicology, overseas Indians, South Asia, disputing and dispute management, legal language, bureaucratic institutions, knowledge production, improvisation

Melissa L. Caldwell
Poverty and public health; welfare, charity, and assistance; food and consumption; gardens, nature, and landscapes; religion; socialism and postsocialism; Russia, the former Soviet Union, and Eastern Europe

Nancy N. Chen
Medical anthropology, food and nutrition, mental health, global health, visual anthropology, Asian American film and identity, China

Alison Galloway
Skeletal biology, forensic anthropology, human variation, history and ethics of physical anthropology, reproductive energetics and aging

Judith A. Habicht-Mauche
Precontact and Colonial contact North America; Southwest and Southern Plains; social networks and cross-cultural interaction; migration; community and identity formation; ceramic production and exchange; technology as cultural practice; archaeometry and ceramic materials analysis

Renya Ramirez
Native American studies, Indian identity, Native Americans and anthropology, urban Indians, Native American women, cultural citizenship, expressive culture, and anti-racist education

Anna Tsing
Culture and politics; feminist theory; globalization; multi-species anthropology; social landscapes and forest ethnoecologies; multi-sited ethnography; Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and the U.S.

Associate Professor

Mark Anderson
Racial formation, diaspora, nationalism, transnationalism, culture and power; Latin America, African diaspora

Lars Fehren-Schmitz
Palaeogenetics/anthropological genetics, human evolutionary ecology, evolutionary demography, gene-culture coevolution, migration theories, population history of the Americas, archaeology of South America

Mayanthi Fernando
Religion and secularism; anthropology of Islam; gender and sexuality; human/nonhuman relations, multiculturalism/pluralism; modernity and its "Others"; ethnography and ethics; colonial and post-colonial France/Europe; theory and methods in the study of religion

Andrew Salvador Mathews
Environmental anthropology, science and technology studies, conservation and development, climate change, environmental history, Mexico, Latin America, Italy, natural history, historical ecology, ethnoecology

J. Cameron Monroe
Historical archaeology, complex societies, political economy, architecture and landscape, Africa and the African diaspora

Megan Moodie
Feminist theory, reproductive politics, development, legal identities, affirmative action, ethnographic methods, narrative, literature, utopias and other postsocialist/postcolonial imaginaries, connected histories and the longue durée, South Asia, Eastern Europe

Assistant Professor

Chelsea Blackmore
Pre-Columbian archaeology (Mesoamerican focus), identity formation, complex societies, class and state formation, gender, feminist/queer theory

Jon Daehnke
Archaeology of the North American Pacific Coast, cultural heritage politics and law, contemporary Native American politics, human-environment interaction, landscape and place, collaborative methodologies, NAGPRA implementation and compliance, public representations of heritage and memory

Nidhi Mahajan
Shadow economies, political economy, seafarers, dhow trade, Indian Ocean, East Africa, South Asia, maritime commerce, insecurity, sovereignty, political anthropology, historical anthropology

Vicky M. Oelze
Diet and ecology of extant great apes, prehistoric humans and fossil hominins; reconstruction of habitat use and mobility in apes and prehistoric humans; isotope (carbon, nitrogen, sulphur, strontium, oxygen) trace-element biochemistry, chimpanzee tool use and termite-predation defense strategies

Tsim Schneider
Anthropological archaeology, culture contact and colonialism, Spanish missions, borderlands, landscape and place, social memory, lithics, indigenous archaeology, California and North America

Savannah Shange-Binion
Abolition, blackness and antiblackness, social movements, late liberal statecraft, multiracial coalition, gentrification, anthropology of education, queer theory, femme gender, ethnographic ethics, California and North America

Jerry Zee
Environmental anthropology, feminist science studies, cultural and political anthropology of China; political ecology, meteorology and atmospheres, governance, engineering, aesthetics

Professor Emeriti

May N. Diaz, Emerita

Shelly Errington, Emerita

Diane Gifford-Gonzalez, Emerita

Susan Harding, Emerita

Diane K. Lewis, Emerita

Daniel T. Linger, Emeritus

Carolyn Martin Shaw, Emerita

Olga Nájera-Ramírez, Emerita

Lisa Rofel, Emerita

Triloki N. Pandey, Emeritus

Richard R. Randolph, Emeritus

Stuart A. Schlegel, Emeritus

Adrienne L. Zihlman, Emerita


Guillermo Delgado-P., Emeritus
Latin America; comparative indigeneity; indigenous property rights; cultures of the sacred; anthropology of the environment/land-waterscapes; Quechua/Andean linguistics, mining, labor history; alternative/electronic journalism; anthropology in the developing world; interethnicity; urbanization; social movements; culture theory

Annapurna Pandey
Globalization and development, women’s entrepreneurship and political leadership in India, South Asia; women's political and religious lives and their representation in film, media and literature dealing with India and Indian diaspora; filmmaking on the experiences of the diasporic Odias in California

Alejandra Kramer
Women and politics, political anthropology, feminist anthropology and theory, gender and politics, ethnographic methods, power and culture, media and culture, Latin America—Southern Cone

Jay S. Reti
Paleolithic archaeology, lithic analysis, Oldowan technology, cultural evolution, cultural transmission, archaeological method and theory, hominin behavioral evolution, experimental archaeology, flintknapping

Jude Todd, Emerita
Indigenous American world views; permaculture; culturally prescribed attitudes toward water and soil; chemical-industry influences on government, university research, and popular belief systems; transgenerational epigenetic inheritance

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Susan Kuzminsky
Skeletal biology, bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology, virtual 3D anthropology, skeletal correlates of human behavior (paleodiet, health, nutrition, social identity, activities), human evolutionary biology, ancient human dispersals, NAGPRA compliance, human rights, non-destructive research methods, peopling of the Americas, Pacific Rim, prehistory of California, Chile, and Peru

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Raoul Birnbaum (History of Art and Visual Culture)
Buddhist studies, especially Chinese practices from medieval times to the present; religion and visual culture in China

John Brown Childs, Emeritus (Sociology)

Jeffrey Bury (Environmental Studies)
Political ecology; sustainable development; Latin American studies; international relations; institutional dimensions of natural resource conservation in the global south ; extractive industries; climate change; new models of conservation

James T. Clifford, Emeritus (History of Consciousness)

Carolyn Dean (History of Art and Visual Culture)
Cultural histories of the native Americas and colonial Latin America

A. Russell Flegal, Emeritus (Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology)

Stephen R. Gliessman, Emeritus (Environmental Studies)

Donna Haraway, Emerita (History of Consciousness)

Paul Koch (Earth Sciences)
Isotope biogeochemistry, vertebrate paleontology

Flora Lu (Environmental Studies)
Ecological anthropology, human behavioral ecology, Amazon rainforest, indigenous peoples, conservation, Ecuador, culture change, market integration, indigenous resource management, political ecology, environmental justice

Marc Mangel, Emeritus (Applied Mathematics and Statistics)

S. Ravi Rajan (Environmental Studies)
Environmental justice and human rights, environmental history and ethics, risk and disaster studies, environment and development conflicts in the global south

Patricia Zavella, Emerita (Latin American and Latino Studies)

Associate Professor

Richard “Ed” Green (Biomolecular Engineering)
Genomics, computational molecular biology, genome assembly, human evolutionary genetics, ancient DNA, high-throughput sequencing, mRNA-processing and alternative splicing

Irene E Lusztig (Film and Digital Media)
Film and video production, experimental ethnography and essayistic nonfiction; representions of  historical memory; archives, propaganda and training films; feminist film practices; medical film; autobiographical filmmaking; interactive documentary; editing

Marcia Ochoa (Feminist Studies)
Gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, Latina/o studies, media and cultural studies, ethnography of media, feminism, queer theory, geography, multimedia production, graphic design, colonialism and modernity, Latin American studies—Colombia and Venezuela

Assistant Professor

Elaine A. Sullivan (History)
Pharaonic Period Egypt; Greek and Roman Egypt; women and gender; material culture; ritual landscape; 3D modeling; Digital Humanities and the use of emerging technologies in studying the ancient world


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